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TomTom Speed Cameras is an app offering precise and punctual alerts for all kinds of traffic radar (including fixed, mobile, and partially controlled high speed routes). A community of more than four million drivers shares radar positions in real time.

All the fixed high-precision radar positions are verified by a TomTom moderation team, meaning the information given on the app is always (or almost always) reliable. Also, you can find detailed information about each radar, added by the community's very own members.

In the setup options you can set how long in advance you want to receive the notifications, and the type of alert you want to get. You can also choose if you want to receive alerts for radar or for checkpoints ... or both.

TomTom Speed Cameras is a very useful app for putting drivers' mind at ease. Additionally, you can help other users through the app, sharing your experiences and confirming the presence of radar or speed limits. Don't forget, though – all this has to be done when you're NOT driving.
The best traffic radar detector apps on Android

It goes without saying that driving safely to avoid traffic accidents is important when traveling along the highway. You should always respect the speed limits to be safe, but sometimes, you find yourself going over the limits as you follow the flow of traffic. That's why its never a bad idea to have Android tools that help by alerting you to the existence of speed cameras. These apps are completely legal and free, and in most cases, also work as a GPS.
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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